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Lead Generation - WhatsApp Direct Messages

Similar to our other lead generation services we utilize our in house tools in order to collect the necessary information, WhatsApp numbers in this specific case, prior to launching an outreach campaign with a unique offer to your new potential clients. We solely label & forward new prospects as a hot lead to you in case they show significant interest in what your company has to offer. The process is quite simple as well since we can either deliver the hot leads to your preferred e-mail or WhatsApp number.

The end result is your company having hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers reaching out by themselves & have furthermore shown interest prior to your sales team enrolling clients / customers.

Our Strategy

Every project concerning our WhatsApp direct message hot leads occur on a monthly basis. We send a weekly batch every Monday for four weeks since it gives us time in between to readjust the targeting in case there have not been generated the expected hot leads, in comparison to sending everything in one day & being left with close to no results without the opportunity to readjust.

Every potential hot lead replying to the outreach message showing a significant interest will be re-directed directly into your e-mail or WhatsApp inbox depending on your preference. From the second they reply, solidify & confirm their interest it is your sales teams responsibility to seal the deal.

Prior to purchasing the following service it is necessary that you send us an e-mail through our contact formula & schedule a free consultation with one of our managers through either WhatsApp or e-mail since we only take on projects we know will have a successful end result.

Try It Risk Free With Our Full Refund Guarantee!

When purchasing a plan we guarantee the amount you paid for, in all cases. If we experience a project where we are not able to deliver the guaranteed amount, we extend the project for a further of 7 days & cover all costs & expenses until the guaranteed amount has been fully achieved.


How It Works - Step By Step

Personal Manager

From when payment is made you will have a personal manager assigned that takes care of the entire project. Your manager will update you once a week, every Monday, but is available all 7 days of the week in order to help, guide & elaborate on the project with you.

Data Scrape

Once you have been onboarded & met your personal manager we will initiate the scraping process. We scrape across the measures within your business & the manager will, together with you, outline the metrics to scrape upon.

Project Launch

We launch the project & start delivering the hot leads directly to your WhatsApp inbox & your sales team can hereby start enrolling the new potential clients / customers.

Updates & Readjustments

Every Monday your manager will udpate you accordingly to the process while you will be able to give him / her feedback on how the targeting is for your new potential clients / customers. If you prefer to switch up the targeting it is definitely doable & can be a great readjustment in order to max out on results by targeting the correct people as we progress.

End Of Project

Once the final number of hot leads have been fully delivered to your WhatsApp inbox the project is entirely finished.


At this point your manager will present an outline of the best way of moving forward with a second campaign by analyzing all of the data we received from the first campaign to get even more narrow on your ideal clients / customers for even better results than achieved in the previous campaign.

Contact Manager!

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The people at Lucrative helped me increase my clients in house by a mile. Really professional and well done setup.


United States


I loved working with Kristoffer. The communication was good and I felt like I was being kept in loop and knew how far we were in the process.




The service is one of the best investments in myself I have made. They helped me follow my passion and now I have the opportunity to go for it. I will definitely keep working with them.


United States


I am always traveling and almost all my communication is over WhatsApp By working with Lucrative Traffic I have received hundreds of leads straight in my WhatsApp and I can now aboard new clients while on the go. Must have!




Lucrative Traffic are the best at what they do! I have worked with William for a few months now and he has never disappointed at anytime. Communication is always on point and he is very straightforward and transparent with the process. It is more than just a service!


United States


Refreshing and professional service. You get what you pay for!




By removing my ad spend from my budget and solely relying on leads from Lucrative Traffic I have managed to double my profits in a quarter. I truly recommend working with these guys if you are serious about your business.


United States


Communication was superb and I felt engaged and informed in the whole process. Immediate results and quality leads. I couldn't have scaled my business to where I am today without Kristoffer.




I have struggled for years getting quality leads for my social media marketing business, until I started working with Kristoffer and Lucrative Traffic. They immediately outlined the campaign details and there wer immediate results. They have helped me spend more time and money on my own business instead of onboarding clients. Passionate and professional people!


United States